Bear Bryant Award Events

From the prestigious Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards to the excitement of the Kickoff Event and the anticipation of the Finalist Announcement, our events embody the spirit of the game.


The journey begins with the Kickoff Event, an exciting occasion that sets the tone for the season ahead. This event brings together coaches, players, and fans, igniting the anticipation for the upcoming college football season. It's a time to celebrate the camaraderie, passion, and competitive spirit that define the sport. 2023 Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards […]

Finalist Announcement

Amidst the fervor of the season, the Finalist Announcement event adds an element of suspense and excitement. As the coaching accomplishments unfold, we unveil the finalists for the Paul "Bear" Bryant Coach of the Year Award. This moment is a testament to the dedication, leadership, and impact that coaches bring to the game, inspiring us […]

Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards

At the heart of our events lies the Paul "Bear" Bryant Awards, a night of celebration and recognition. Every year, coaches, players, and fans gather to honor outstanding coaches who have achieved remarkable success on and off the field. This prestigious event not only showcases coaching brilliance but also raises awareness and funds for the […]